Hench came to Town!

On 5th May 2018, Paul Kerton aka ‘HENCH HERBIVORE‘ came to visit us in Ipswich.

Paul gave an amazing, motivational talk about the health benefits of being vegan and addressed the common question ‘where do you get your protein from?’. Paul clearly isn’t protein deficient and we loved hearing about nutrition, fitness and general wellbeing. Thank you Paul, please visit us again soon!

We also had an inspirational talk from Sadie, who is a speaker for Animal Aid. Sadie visits schools to discuss animal cruelty and how to become vegan. She does a great job for the community and we love her!

At Suffolk Vegans Club, we try to get speakers occasionally so we can broaden our knowledge and learn from others. It’s important to stay open minded and hear the personal experiences of those around us.


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