Art Exhibition – ‘Veganism’

We’re having an Art Exhibition!

Get involved and submit your vegan themed artwork for free!

Many people are artistic and use a variety of mediums to express their feelings or opinions regarding veganism. Painting, photography, illustration, print, textile… All are welcome for this exhibition. There is no age restriction to submit work nor a limit on how many pieces (recommendation 1 – 5 pieces).

To get involved, please complete the submission form below and read the following information. Anyone who submits artwork to this exhibition is agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below and has read them:

Exhibition Dates: Thursday 7th March – Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Location: Coffee Cat Gallery 1, Ipswich Town Hall, The Cornhill, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1DH

DEADLINE: Friday 1st March 2019

Displaying: All works must be wall hung using mirror plates or cross wires with D-rings, (NO clip frames, blue-tack or pins) work delivered without the appropriate hanging will not be hung. Maximum artwork size is 6ft x 7ft, No Minimum size restriction, Maximum artwork weight is 25kg.

T&C’s: By submitting your artwork to be displayed at the exhibition, you agree to Sub Arts photographing the exhibition and using these photographs for publicity purposes. Artists are asked to be aware, that due to the nature of the Coffee Cat being a public place, we are unable to enforce visitors to refrain from photographing exhibited works.

Commission to Sub Arts is 15% and 50% will be donated to ‘Suffolk/Norfolk Save Movement’ on all sales. Transactions must be handled by Sub Arts and payments will be made to artist(s) within four weeks of the exhibition closing date. There is no fee to submit your artwork to this exhibition and you do not have to sell your artwork, it is not compulsory.

Sales: No works can be reserved or red dotted throughout the exhibition without a deposit or full payment which is subject to the 15% commission. Sales of works directly from the exhibition throughout the dates stated above take priority over outside/private sales, unless Sub Arts has agreed it and received 15% commission for that transaction

The G1 Curator has the final say on all art works exhibited in the Gallery and can reject any offensive, inappropriate or unsafe works.


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